Make Massachusetts Taxes More Progressive: Tax Commission Releases Report

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The Tax Fairness Commission established by the Massachusetts legislature has issued a call to lighten the tax burden on those residents and businesses least able to pay it. Currently the lowest fifth of Massachusetts income-earners pays 12.24% of their income in state and local taxes, and the highest fifth pays only 5.69%. That means the […]

Health Care Reform Works in Massachusetts; Nationwide, Businesses Will Benefit

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In the Alliance’s home state of Massachusetts, Alliance business leaders have been living with the direct forerunner of the national Affordable Care Act since 2006, when then-Governor Mitt Romney signed into law a very similar program which has revolutionized the health care landscape. We bring good news for the nation’s business community: it works, and it […]

It’s All About Talent – Jeff Bussgang on Eliminating Non-Competes

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It’s All About Talent – Eliminating No-Competes Jeff Bussgang, Flybridge Capital Partners For the last few years, many leaders in the Massachusetts innovation community have been arguing that non-compete agreements should be eliminated.  Article after article has been written in support of putting this policy forward to increase the dynamism of our ecosystem and send […]

Historic Lows in Taxes and Wages Along with Record Profits Shape Minimum Wage Debate

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Last month our Alliance Leaders published multiple opinion pieces making the business case for increasing the minimum wage, and have discussed the business benefit of an increased minimum wage in extended meetings with the Speaker of the Massachusetts House and, separately, with the incoming President of the Massachusetts Senate.  On May 21, select Alliance Leaders […]

Massachusetts State Senate Majority Leader Stan Rosenberg Shares Vision with Alliance Leaders

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With the current Massachusetts State Senate President stepping down from that post at the end of this session, all eyes are on Senator Stan Rosenberg of the Hampshire, Franklin and Worcester district, who is expected to assume the responsibilities of Senate President.  At a gathering hosted by Alliance Board member David Gasson in his offices […]

Tesla Plans to Change the World – and They Just Might Do It

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Silicon-Valley-based Tesla Motors (NQ:TSLA) is America’s first successful automaker start-up since – well, since automakers first started up.  CEO Elon Musk, a founder of the online payment service PayPal, poured his personal fortune into the company with the goal of solving the problem of sustainable production and consumption of energy, which he calls “the largest terrestrial problem that […]

Alliance Leaders Discuss Business Benefits of Higher Minimum Wage with MA Speaker DeLeo

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A day’s hard work should pay enough to keep full-time employees’ roofs over their heads, and food on their families’ tables.  Alliance leaders brought that simple but powerful message to their meeting with Speaker of the Massachusetts House Robert DeLeo on March 11. And while the argument from simple justice is strong, Alliance executives and […]

Mission-driven business is good business: David Belluck

David Belluck

David Belluck, General Partner at the investment firm Riverside Partners, is in the business of generating financial returns for his investors, of course.  But at Riverside Partners, having a mission component to business strategy and practice isn’t just an after-thought tacked on to the corporate image.  When a business puts ethics and the mission of […]

U.S. Corporations Wake Up to Climate Change

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Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) takes the floor every single week when the Senate is in session to ask his colleagues to wake up to the cost of climate change and the risks we are running by ignoring it. In this heartening talk, his fifty-fifth on the subject, he applauds name-plate American businesses for the work […]

Senator Shaheen Briefs Alliance Leaders

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A select group of Alliance leaders exchanged views last week with Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) concerning a wide variety of issues, including sexual assault in the military, women’s pay equity, patent trolling, and above all, the state of the U.S. Congress and how she gets things done in spite of it. In a gathering at the Cambridge […]