Boston Globe Coverage of MA Gov’s Renewable Energy Address, Alliance Support

As an update to yesterday’s post on Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s address on renewable energy, here is a brief excerpt from the Boston Globe coverage:

“Let me tell you that I have heard enough about Evergreen — or Solyndra for that matter. We are not always going to score. But we are never going to score if we don’t get in the game,” Patrick said in prepared remarks. “Whether we like it or not, there are going to be winners and losers when it comes to clean energy in the 21st century … . Make no mistake about it: I want Massachusetts to be a winner.”  …

Patrick’s proposals were applauded by the Alliance for Business Leadership, a non-partisan group of executives and investors in Boston.

“Business knows that expanding our renewable domestic energy supply is great for the economy,” the Alliance said in a statement.

Tell us what you think about yesterday’s speech – is Massachusetts on the right track to be a winner in clean energy? What more can be should be done by government and business? Tell us in comments below! 


  1. MA features the world’s greatest business innovators, venture investors and technical experts. And at the end of the energy pipeline, MA businesses and households are spending many billions every year on energy from out of state. Consequently, how can our Commonwealth not regulate in a manner to help our business innovators take the lead in clean tech and renewable energy globally – as we have in the life sciences? Our Commonwealth can regulate in a manner that enables our private sector in MA to become a major ENERGY PRODUCER in the proven and burgeoning field of off shore wind – as home to the first major off shore wind farm in America – and in manner that can help MA businesses become the world-wide leader in energy efficiency. Both are exciting, highly strategic, opportunities that will continue MA’s remarkable clean tech job growth and MA’s centuries of public-private cooperation for world-wide leadership in business innovation.