Alliance Initiatives

In 2012, The Alliance identified three main initiatives: Economic Development & Jobs, Health Promotion, and Responsible Government. Alliance leaders engaged around these initiatives, meeting with key policy makers and business leaders in the field, and making specific recommendations. (Learn more about our agenda-setting process here.) 

Our 2012 Initiatives

 Key questions addressed by each team are outlined below- click on the titles for specific activities. 

Economic Development and Jobs

  • What market incentives and infrastructure supports are needed to drive a sustainable economy and create a new wave of innovation and economic opportunity?
  • How can we stimulate job creation and help close the skills gap that keeps the labor market from filling jobs currently available in the innovation economy?

Health Promotion

  • How can we best achieve better health outcomes and address the healthcare crisis that threatens to cripple our economy and future?
  • How do we create more focus on wellness programs and reduce the escalating costs of treating preventable diseases and health problems, e.g. obesity?
  • How can we reduce healthcare delivery costs?

Responsible Government

  • How can we contribute to creating more responsible and functional governments?
  • What kind of electoral reforms will create more accountable and transparent political systems and reduce the undue influence of moneyed special interests in the electoral process?
  • How can government decision processes making be improved and budgets balanced?
  • How can government effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery be improved?