Responsible Government Initiative

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Act on your commitment by joining the Responsible Government Team; email now.

Initiative Co-Chairs

  • Rosa Scarcelli, President, Stanford Management
  • Ron Shaich, Executive Chairman & Founder, Panera Bread Company

Team Meetings

  • The Responsible Government Team meets regularly, with conference calls as needed.
  • All-Alliance meetings to discuss the team’s progress are scheduled for Monday, May 21 (2:00-4:00pm; Register Here) and September 18 (8:30-10:30am). 

To learn more about the team’s work and how you can get involved, contact Jean Gulliver, Policy Coordinator, at 617-338-5038 x405, or share your interests in a brief online survey and we will contact you shortly.


The current distrust of government and the political process represents a fundamental challenge to America. The Alliance views this challenge from three inter-related perspectives:

Formation of Government: The Electoral Process

Alliance leaders are committed to making the electoral process more open, accessible, and transparent in order to increase public participation and confidence. Among the strategies currently under review are:

  • Encouraging open primaries, increased voter registration, and more accountable redistricting practices,
  • Decreasing the influence of Super PACs on elections through stricter regulations on timely reporting and other responsible efforts to mitigate the impact of Citizens United v. FEC
  • Support efforts by candidates to participate in bi-partisan initiatives to discourage and curtail the influence of Super PACs (e.g. the Warren-Brown initiative in Massachusetts).
  • Within our companies, we encourage employees to participate on election and primary days.

Decision-Making by Government

franken close

U.S. Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.) spoke at the 2011 DC Summit

The Alliance is working on a variety of mechanisms to improve the quality and accountability of government decision-making, from legislative “rules” reform (election of leadership, filibusters, transparency) to the influence of lobbying on decision-making and the budgeting process.

While in principle we support the concept of balancing budgets through revenue and expenditure reforms, our first obligation is to make sure government is making decisions in the most responsible and transparent manner.

Increased Effectiveness and Efficiency

The inability of government to effectively and efficiently deliver services is an area of major concern and often a key driver of public dissatisfaction with governments at all levels. Key concerns include: prudent management of money; human resources and performance management; transparent and effective capital planning and project monitoring; quality of internal and external communication; data management; and duplication and overlap between government programs and agencies.

We believe private sector expertise can contribute in all these areas, and Alliance leaders regularly engage with government agencies seeking to improve performance through better management systems and approaches. Alliance leaders also support public policy reforms that:

  • Increase full-cost accounting and transparency at the state level, 
  • Create incentive-based approaches for cost-saving reforms, and
  • Introduce performance-based management systems in government.