The Alliance in 2012: A Year of Big Moves and Even Bigger Impact


Three key initiatives were launched to tackle critical issues of the day through education, innovation, and advocacy: Health Promotion and Cost ContainmentEconomic Development and Jobs, and Responsible Government


Together we achieved significant policy wins, built powerful partnerships, and increased exposure for the Alliance, its leaders, and the role of business in challenging today’s most pressing issues:

  • We influenced public debate on clean energy, education, and public health:
  • Alliance members Jeff Bussgang (General Partner, Flybridge Capital Partners) and Tim Rowe (CEO, Cambridge Innovation Center) were high profile advocates, helping to include crowd funding in the JOBS bill signed by President Obama.
  • Health Initiative co-chairs Jack Manning and Phillip Edmundson had an opinion piece in support of the Affordable Care Act published in the Boston Business Journal.
  • The Alliance was active in a coalition that strengthened the MA Green Communities Act
  • We joined a partnership to support Community College Reform and members Tom Clay (CEO, Xtalic Corp.), Tom Dretler (Executive in Residence, Sterling Capital Partners), and Mark Shirman (CEO, River Meadow Software) have joined Community College Boards of Trustees.
  • The CEO Summit in Washington, DC brought top business and government leaders together for small-group strategy sessions and high-level briefings; other events include the well-attended launch of the Year of Innovative Thinking, initiative team meetings, and meetings with policymakers.
  • Dan Wolf (CEO, Cape Air) testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on the effects of health care reform on small businesses. The Huffington Post published a blog that championed Senator Wolf’s testimony and amplified the Alliance’s message nationally.
  • We strategized with the Brookings Institute, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, the Sunlight Foundation, and others on government, fiscal, and campaign finance reform and the role for business leadership in moving these issues forward.
  • 12 members served as delegates on international trade missions to Israel and Brazil.


  • With more than 150 members, we now represent local, regional, national, and multinational firms.
  • Alliance leaders created and launched the Leadership Commitment, a shared expression of values that unites the membership and has attracted national recognition.
  • Alliance staff celebrated a successful rebranding campaign and the move to new headquarters.