Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our most commonly asked questions. If you have any other questions, please contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

What does the Alliance do?
We engage, educate and empower business leaders to work within their companies, with one another and with policy makers on solutions to the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing society and the economy.

We offer frequent education and networking opportunities to our participating leaders and others, including two annual CEO Summits, one in Boston and one in Washington, D.CBack to Top

What makes the Alliance different?
There are two critical distinctions that separate the Alliance from other organizations:

  1. We are the only business leaders organization united by an express and shared commitment to values-based leadership and long-term value creation. The Alliance’s Leadership Commitment, which is signed by every participating leader, makes this much more than a convenient coalition or a networking opportunity. It is a force for change; for expansion of opportunity; for meeting the biggest challenges we face.
  2. We are the only business leaders organization publicly committed to a model of education and advocacy that expressly links business practices and public policy. With every issue we take on, we will consistently call on our leaders to demonstrate their commitment to innovation within their own range of business choices as well as in how they engage with government and public policy.  
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Is the Alliance a regional or national organization? 
Founded in Massachusetts, many of our current participating leaders are based here, where our headquarters office is located. But from the beginning our agenda has addressed national and even global issues in business practice and public pollicy. We have a significant number of participating leaders across the United States, in Maryland, Texas and Colorado as well as Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine. Our goal is to develop a model in 2012 for formal national expansion in 2013 and 2014. Back to Top

What happened to the Progressive Business Leaders Network?
Founded in 2007, the Alliance’s original name was the Progressive Business Leaders Network (PBLN), a reflection of the group’s role in bringing together like-minded leaders interested in articulating new strategies to redefine the role of business in society.

As the organization grew and our mission expanded, we selected a new name – the Alliance for Business Leadership – to communicate the collaborative purpose that brings us together as well as our commitment to create a measurable impact on issues. See our blog post for more details. Back to Top

What do I call the organization now?
The full name is “The Alliance for Business Leadership,” but for short – or on second reference in print – it’s just “the Alliance.”  Back to Top

Does the Alliance engage in partisan politics, endorse candidates for office, or engage in fundraising for candidates?
No. We are a non-partisan organization and do not endorse or fundraise for any candidates for office. Back to Top

Does the Alliance take positions on public policy issues?
Yes. For the purpose of educating our members, the business community, public policy makers and the public we will do so on select issues by a vote of our Board of Directors. Back to Top

Does the Alliance engage in lobbying?
The Alliance engages in lobbying to the extent permitted under state laws and our non-profit status. The Alliance is incorporated in Massachusetts as a non-profit and is a tax exempt charitable organization pursuant to section 501(c)3 of the federal tax code
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Do I have to be a CEO or top executive to participate in Alliance activities?
No. Many of our conferences, education programs and other activities are open to a wide array of senior business leaders and select resource partners; contact Erica Levy at to discuss your particular area of interest. Back to Top

How do I join the Alliance?
Qualified individuals (CEOs, senior executives, entrepreneurs, and investors) are invited to join the Alliance. Learn more here, or contact us at for more information. Back to Top

Why do you call your members “participating leaders”?
Although a small detail, we know that language has power and we want our words to reflect the fact that each participant in the Alliance is a leader in their own right as well as a leader in our joint efforts. This is no group to join quietly and sit in the back row – we need your active engagement, your highest energy, and your most innovative ideas. Back to Top

What is the Leadership Commitment?
The Leadership Commitment is a public commitment to our shared values and core proposition, to be signed by all participating leaders at a special event in spring of 2012, or upon an individual’s joining.  Back to Top

How do I contact you for more information?
Our contact information is listed here, and you can always reach a staff member by emailing admin@AllianceBL.orgBack to Top

How can I get involved?
We’re so glad you asked. You can learn more about how to get involved here, or call us at (617) 401-2394 to talk with a staff member today. Back to Top