What We Stand For

We believe that as business leaders we create the most value when we

  • Base management decisions on building value for the long term
  • Engage with and are accountable to all stakeholders
  • Follow ethical and responsible business practices
  • Embrace environmental and social challenges as business opportunities
  • Work with government and civil society to create public policies based on truth-seeking, science and rigorous analysis

We believe that effective government and public policy are critical to creating a sustainable economy in which business can flourish. In this regard, we believe that

  • Fiscal discipline, human capital development and stewardship of natural resources are cornerstones of responsible public policy
  • Sound regulatory practices are critical to contributing to fair, transparent and sustainable markets
  • Economic growth, economic development and social justice are mutually reinforcing
  • Business innovation has an essential role in creating the public policy solutions we need to create a sustainable economy